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Copy for Global Missions Health Conference 2010. www.medicalmissions.com
All copy for
www.SozoInternational.org 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Weekly blog and features on www.ChurchCentral.com 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
"Effective discipleship program, modeling by pastor key" Pastors.com, Dec. 21, 2005
"Becky Tirabassi: My daily hour of prayer" ChurchCentral.com December 2005
"Who is my neighbor? Building relationships with canned goods" ChurchCentral.com Nov. 2005
"Conversations with God" ChurchCentral.com October 2005
"Ethiopian Christians reach out to people with HIV/AIDS" Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox; Pastors.com, September 2005
"Branding conference highlights how-to of church consulting" ChurchCentral.com, September 2005
"Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization Joins Largest Global Missions Health Conference with HIV/AIDS Consultation" LausanneWorldPulse.com, September 2005
"Church growth: Maximize your space" ChurchCentral.com August 2005
"Fellowship: It's not just a hall" ChurchCentral.com August 2005
"Keeping the kids safe: Two proven methods to guard against sex abuse in the church" ChurchCentral.com July 2005 
"Deep and wide: Growing congregations together" ChurchCentral.com, May 2005
"Church's Response to AIDS Crisis Increases" ChurchBusiness.com, January 2005

In Print Magazines:

Preschool Insights column, Children's Ministry Magazine, July/August 2013, Sept./Oct. 2013
"The Great Indoors" Retail Customer Experience, October 2008
Monthly humor column, "Behind the Screens" Self-Service World, 2007
"Competing Goals, Move by Family Christian Stores" Christianity Today, Jan. 2006
"The Rest of the Story" Christianity Today, Jan. 2006
"The Power of Alpha" Outreach Magazine, November/December 2005
"Seeker Small Groups" Outreach Magazine, November/December 2005
"Blessed Insurance" Church Executive, October 2005
"Judge to Diocese: Hands off" Christianity Today, October 2005
"Going to the dogs" Outreach Magazine, September/October 2005
"In the middle of the street" Outreach Magazine, September/October 2005
"Found in translation" Outreach Magazine, September/October 2005
"'Connecticut Six' battle heats up" Christianity Today, September 2005
"Your mission should you choose to accept it," Today's Christian Doctor, Fall 2005
"Vida Nueva" Christianity Today July 2005.
"Designed Dispute" Christianity Today June 2005
"Church of Mirrors" Outreach Magazine May/June 2005
"Deep and wide: Growing congregations together" ChurchCentral.com May 2005
Church Health Summary, summer 2005
"Grand Canyon University Downsizes Tenured Professors" Christianity Today May 2005
"Management practices from the master" (Laurie Beth Jones interview) Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Secrets of fishing: God where the fish are" (Demographics) Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"E-giving could help buck poor giving trends" Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Building on biblical foundations" Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Simplify church office duties" Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Software solutions for growing churches" Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Get a vision for missions" Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Envision a better Web site" Church Health Summary, Summer 2005
"Say What?" Christianity Today April 2005
"Food Fights," Christianity Today. March 2005.
"A City Redeemed," Outreach Magazine. March/April 2005
"Planting and watering with software" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Counting the Cost" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Prepare the soil for ministry" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Branding through the church bulletin" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Experiencing Henry Blackaby" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Three sure signs of a good LED sign" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Speaking of money ... " Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Blueprint for ministry" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Marketing: Take a lesson from new churches" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"What can church management software do?" Church Health Summary, Spring 2005
"Christian Ed That Pays Off," Christianity Today. February, 2005:24.
"The Church Awakens," Christianity Today. January, 2005:22-23.
"Four things churches may not know," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:4.
"Catholic leaders, Lead Like Jesus customize group study," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:5.
"Retain volunteers with a software touch," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:7.
"Visibility, community impact are advantages of electronic signage," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:9.
"Keeping the power in your PowerPoint," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:10.
"Church branding begins with leadership," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:12.
"Is it time to super-size your space?" Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:13.
"Reaching the world through the Web," Church Health Summary, Winter 2004:14.
"New software, laws take hurt out of receiving," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:3.
"Numbers are key to knowing the nearby unchurched," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:4.
"Serving to 'Lead Like Jesus'" Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:5.
"Building a better bake sale," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:6.
"Tithing goes checkless," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:7.
"Split-second outreach opportunities," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:9.
"Author's ministry yields book to 'revive us again'" Church Health Summary Fall 2004:10.
"Visitors get 'mugged' at inner-city church," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:11.
"Technology for the traditional church," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:12.
"Church management software: Simpler than you think," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:13.
"Curtain supplier opens new world to churches," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:14.
"Weak churches work with God's strength," Church Health Summary, Fall 2004:15.
“A Mother’s Right.” “Three Women with a Vision.” Western Colorado Women. Autumn, 1997:6-15.
“Chill of Winter and Weekend Getaways.” Vagabond/ The Simple Traveler. January, 1997:15.
“Wise Women Know What To Do With Makeup Tips.” Western Colorado Women. August, 1996:7.
“The Montrose Area: A Diverse Valley Surrounded by High Adventure.” “Legends Features Area Oral History.” “Bluegrass in Montrose Has Been Revived.”“Wanna See a Pickup Line? Try Any Red Light.” “Fishing Hot Spots of Montrose County.” Mountain Traveler. Summer, 1996:1-14. “Eleven Easy Ways to Survive Cloth Diapering,” Western Colorado Parent. April, 1996:10.

For Newspapers:

“Might As Well Laugh.” Humor column appeared regularly in The Southeast Outlook, March 2000 - July, 2002; The Telluride Daily Planet, April, 1997- July, 1998; The Montrose Morning Sun, March - September, 1996.
“Montrose Postings.” Light news column appeared weekly in The San Miguel County Post. Spring, 1996.
Southeast Outlook. News, features and commentary for the Southeast Christian Church community of 60,000-plus. November, 1999 - July, 2002, currently a voluntary contributor.
Telluride Daily Planet. Education beat, daily news, features, humor. April, 1997 - July, 1998. The Raton Range. Arts reviews. Spring, 1993 - spring, 1994.
The Meeker Herald. News, features. May - August, 1992.
Kansas State University Collegian, K-State Royal Purple Yearbook. Arts and entertainment reviews. September, 1990 - May, 1991.
Upword. Editor. Fall, 1990.

“Joe’s Friend David.” English Journal, May 2004

“Old Church Ladies.” The Gaslight Writers Present, Vol. 1. 2002:16.

“The Comfort of Sandwiches.” Olympia Anthology of the Mile High Poetry Society. October, 1996.

“A Chrysanthemum.” FOCUS: A Woman’s Journal. April, 1996:6.

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